Acoustical Construction

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At Omni Interiors, our skilled tradesmen are experienced at installing a multitude of acoustical products to solve for your requirements.

Acoustical ceilings:

From the most basic 2 X 4 suspended grid ceiling and tile to the more elaborate acoustical clouds and everything in between, Omni Interiors has been installing, extending and repairing ceilings since 1983.

Sound Panels:

If you have issues with sound we can install a variety of sizes and shapes of panels or baffles to help solve many acoustical problems. Acoustical panels and fabrics can absorb sound waves, keep them from penetrating walls and floors and keep the sounds from bouncing around in larger rooms.  Acoustical panels and hanging baffles can be purely decorative or they can be functional tack panels or bulletin boards.


Over the years we’ve installed panels, baffles, fabrics, and foam blocks in sound studios, churches, cafeterias, theaters, assembly halls, offices and schools. We can work with your acoustical engineer or we can recommend one that we’ve worked with.

Depending on the severity of the issue, a small and simple solution can be designed in-house that will greatly improve the acoustics of a particular area and provide your employees a comfortable workspace, increasing morale and productivity.

When considering acoustical design for your project, learn more about how acoustical materials are part of a sustainable approach to building.