More than just a buzzword, green building offers a sustainable approach. Whether you are seeking LEED certification for your project or just maximizing energy efficiency for your space, we will work closely with you to ensure that your goals for sustainability are met while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


Benefits to green building can be seen in your monthly operating budget almost immediately, with lower utility costs and improved air quality. Tax credits offer even more incentive.

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Post-Consumer Recycled Content:

A suspended, or “drop,” ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the existing ceiling. Its superior insulation offers not only soundproofing qualities but also reduces the need for additional lighting because of its highly reflective surface, returning almost 90% of light back to the space. Efficient heat conservation plus less heat generated from lighting result in lower utility costs year-round to maintain temperature.


Responsible Stewardship:

Recycled tiles preserve our natural resources and reduce waste.

Workplace Health: Certain ceiling tiles are mold and mildew resistant. And with noise as the paramount concern in an office, the acoustical design of a workplace cannot be overstated.


Recycled Content:

As part a responsible plan for construction waste management, most ceiling tiles are 100% recyclable and contain anywhere from 23%-83% recycled content. Ceiling-to-Ceiling Tiles have the highest amount of recyclable content in the industry.

Regional Manufacturing:

By obtaining materials from an Armstrong plant within 500 miles of your construction site, we are helping to reduce your carbon footprint and contributing to the regional economy.

Renewable Resource:

A product is considered renewable if it can be harvested within 10 years. Armstrong’s use of bamboo and jute fiber, both of which are harvested within 5 years, shows a commitment to sustainable production.

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Learn more about the Armstrong Recycling Program here.